A moniker delivery system.

Monika is a brand naming service that pairs artificial intelligence with human judgment.

Because tomorrow’s companies don’t have weeks to lose.

Today’s agency process is bloated and broken. With Monika, you receive 20 brand names with high trademark confidence for $5,000, delivered in a striking presentation deck within five days of submitting a brief.

AI generated, expert selected.

Monika generates brand names by mimicking the processes of talented namers and copywriters, then prescreens for trademark availability in relevant markets and classes.

Names are then selected by our in-house brand strategists to ensure compatibility with your business and brand strategy.

What the experts
are saying.

“The clever people at Monika have accurately analysed the problem with naming - and they've created a simple, useful, thoughtful solution. With a good name!”

Robert Jones, former Head of New Thinking at Wolff Olins

“Monika promises a methodical approach not many human namers can match.”

Anikó Legner, Senior Brand Strategist

“Naming has become increasingly difficult and has always been an emotional process. Monika is an effective antidote to both.”

Vivek Bhatia, Creative Director

“I generally steer clear of naming because of the specialist skills required throughout the process. Monika gives me the confidence to say yes to more of these projects, and at a price that feels achievable for clients of all sizes and stages.”

Camilla Petty, Brand Strategy Director

No comparison.

Naming your brand can be expensive, disruptive and soul-destroying. Monika is your way out.

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Creativity Low High High
TM Confidence Low High Feeling Lucky?
Drama Mid Low Astronomical
Investment $0 $5,000 $7,000 — $100,000

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